Thinking of Using your Car to Make Money?

Before you put your personal car to work for you, you need to know if your current insurance policy will cover what you are doing with your car. [Read more…]

Have a Safe Halloween

In the midst of costumes, candy and pumpkins, take a moment to read a few tips on how to stay safe during this spooky holiday. [Read more…]

Back to School & College Bound

When your child moves from home to college there are a number of insurance questions to consider, especially if he or she is planning to live off–campus.

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Summer Parties & Cookouts

The entertainment value in a summertime get-together can be in the camaraderie and storytelling. But don’t let your next backyard barbecue turn into a tale of woe, to be retold years from now.

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Spring Safety Checklist

With the cold of winter behind us, we look forward to the warmer and sunnier weeks ahead. Millions will take on “spring cleaning” of homes, garages, and yards.

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