Saving Tips

Maximizing Discounts

Insurance companies offer discounts as a form of incentive to insure both your home and auto(s). The combined discounts average around $350.00-$400.00. Customers also feel it is easier to manage their insurance with one well informed and accessible agent. Your request for a quote comparison is encouraged. Let’s see how much money you will save.


Business Policy Comparison Quote

A few examples of savings:

A local architect recently requested a quote on a Business Liability Policy. They saved 51% ($2020.00) from their then current situation. We placed their policy with a company that gave better coverage and cost a lot less. Over the last five years they have overpaid $10,000. We placed their Workers Compensation Policy with the same company for their convenience. They also requested quotes on their Home Insurance and Auto Insurance after realizing the savings and experiencing the level of service given to them. Sometimes an experienced set of eyes and a properly placed policy can save a substantial amount of money.

A Lexington business saved 42% ($644.00) on their Commercial Auto Policy. It contained an error with the stated GVW, Gross Vehicle Weight. Their insurance agent was unmindful to the inaccuracy created years prior. Without a comparison quote, how would the policy holder become aware of the costly error?

A local landscaping company realized a savings of $915.00 (32%) after they received our quote. They were insured with a one-company agent. One-company agents can only offer you one quote. They do not have the ability to quote with multiple companies to ensure you receive the best price and coverage. Otis Brown Insurance is an independent insurance agency. We use multiple A Rated insurance companies to generate your quotes.

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